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Herd History

The RHUDDEL herd of Polled Welsh Blacks was established in 1998 with selective purchases from the Idloes, Cathedine and Morlais herds forming the foundation.

Luck was on our side with the purchase of Caeth-ddyn Wonder who has produced reserve and champion females, with the champion female going on to take the champion Welsh Black at The Welsh Winter Winter Fair 2003. The champion Welsh Black at The Welsh Winter Fair 2006 was a great granddaughter of Wonder.

The purchase of Caeth-Ddyn Typhoon at the Cathedine reduction sale also paid dividends as she was purchased with her bull calf at foot. This calf soon went on to become our stock bull Cathedine Hywel Calon Ddewr. Sire of two Royal Welsh Winter Fair Welsh Black champions 2005/2006 a tremendous bull who has helped to build the herd as it is today.

Rhuddel Kracker sold to David Sands Talog Herd, Sired the Welsh Winter Fair Welsh Black Champion 2013 "Talog Joan". An outstanding polled Bull whose semen is available through Genus.

A homebred Bull Rhuddel Nantlais Sired by Idloes Lewis-Benji and out of the exceptional Caeth Ddyn Wonder has also been retained as a Stock Bull; to complement Cathedine Noel, sire of the 2014 Welsh Black Champion at the Welsh Winter Fair, "Rhuddel Banon Ddu".

Environmental Scheme

The whole farm is in the Welsh environmental scheme "Tir Gofal". This scheme encourages farmers to protect wildlife and their habitats by growing different crops such as Swedes or turnips, cereals and undersown cereals. Woodland and streams on the farm have been fenced to exclude stock, to create wildlife rich streamside corridors. Management of hedgerows by laying or coppicing and replanting with native species of trees and shrubs help to provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife. Welsh Black cattle form an important part of the scheme by lightly grazing the habitat areas as required. Not only a benefit to wildlife, this scheme helps to improve soil fertility by crop rotation which in turn benefits the stock that grazes the land.

The Tir Gofal scheme suits the Welsh Black as the forages grown are an important part of the winter diet. A crop of triticale and lupins was grown this summer 07 for feeding this winter. The crop was undersown with a grass ley and has more than met with expectations as far as yield is concerned, but only time will tell how well it will feed.  Being excellent converters of forage I am quietly confident that the Welsh Black cattle will perform well on this diet.


Farm Assured Welsh Livestock is a scheme which at regular intervals checks all aspects of the farm to ensure good practice is exercised in all aspects of the farming enterprise. We feel that being a member gives us credibility and our customers peace of mind.