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Sold to Olaf and Sabine Eckert, Germany.


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Typical heifer by Benji at 18 months

We have selected Benji for many reasons. The most important being that he has proven himself within our herd before his semen is offered on the world market.We have only had to assist one calving, a heifer with a breach calf.His calves are lively and are quickly up on their feet and suckling. He stamps his offspring with the same square, stylish stance that catches the eye when you see him. A young bull by him, Rhuddel Kracker, weighs in at 808kg at 16 months also having the deepest eye muscle of that age group. Having used Benji for two seasons across the majority of our herd it is with confidence that we offer his semen.

We have now had 7 calves born so far this year by Benji out of 2yr 10mth heifers and have not yet seen one been born,they have all calved and calves suckled with no assistance.We are now starting to calve 2yr old heifers and with only 1 calved so far with no problems it is early days but saying that things are looking promising.

The 2yr old heifers have all calved with no assistance and no losses.The last one to calve had twins and is rearing them both with no help or creep for the calves as yet.The management of these heifers has played an important part in the success of calving at 2yrs old. The first 9 months they rely on the dam and grass, one month before weaning they are offered creep feed and after weaning they are fed creep feed up to 2kg/head/day with adlib red clover and ryegrass silage.this feeding regime allows them to gain sufficient weight to be bulled at 15 months.